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Name: Detective101
Birthday: Jul 3 1999
Location: America
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City woman . College student . 19 years old . weather witch . Rain magic . Sun rituals/sun energy . Plant healing . Smoke spells . Truth spells . Protection magic . Justice magic . energy reviving . Horoscopes . Empathic . Angel/demonology . Friendly . Looking for friends and possibly a good chat .

Hello SoM,

My name is Julene R. Spawnman, I decided to join once again. I am 19 years old, away from my home in college. I am studying law enforcement and criminal psychology. I have four siblings, I am the second eldest. My mom and dad are happily married, they show much love for the family.

My younger brother has an account on this site, his name is Aiden. He is not as active as he used to be, due to high school.

I cannot cast spells or help you magically right now. I don't have enough time on my plate. Thank you for understanding.