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Name: ForestLurker
Location: In bed, annoying my cats
Last Seen: Thu, 20 Jun 2019
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[Name; Alyx] [Age; 17] [Sexuality; Bisexual] [Gender & Pronouns; Gender-fluid(She/He)] [Relationship Status; Taken] [Personality; Introverted, Nerdy/Geeky, Silly, Playful, Somewhat Shy, Caring] [Hobbies; Programming, Playing Video Games, Watching Anime, Writing/Reading, Drawing, Role-playing, Cosplaying] [Studying; Spirits(Fae), Greek Mythology, Possibly Tarot] [Practicing; Nothing] [Aura Colors; Blue(Primary), Lavender(Secondary)] [Zodiac; Cancer] [Element(s); Water, Earth] [Planet; Moon] [Hogwarts House; Slytherin] [Random Facts About Myself; I have 3 cats, My favorite colors are blue and purple, My favorite time of day is night, My Pride Month days are 3 11 16 & 23, and I love naps] [Note; Some, if not many of you, have met me before on this site under various accounts or names that I have long since forgotten. Feel free to send me a message. I'd enjoy getting to know eachother.]