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I figured I should edit this again, seeing as life has thrown me changes. I grew up a Christian and when I found this site I knew I belonged in another religion. I still hold onto some Christianity (as in believing in the bible and showing agape love for everyone) but I have found new ways to help others.
If you wish for a harmful spell to be cast, go somewhere else. I refuse to hurt others for someone's selfish purposes. Spells to change appearance or make you a mythological creature are not real. I don't do love spells either because love should be kept in it's natural order. You will find that person. I myself aren't looking for a love right now so I can continue my studies in empathy, herbology, and divination.
If you ask for tips on the subjects listed above, I can provide some help. But, seeing as i've only been practicing for about two years now, it might be best to seek help elsewhere. Last but not least, some advice to some baby witches out there.
If it's not smart, don't do it.