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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my profile and thank you for taking the time to check it out. I am Grimoire but you're welcome to call me Grim, if you so wish. It is hard to classify me as anything but Hedge Witch or Witch Doctor, are what I'm often called. I've been practicing my craft and spirituality for well over a decade, starting when I was twelve. I was born a spiritual medium, and it is through spirit and my intuition I was guided to my path.

What I practice:

At my very roots, I practice Folk Magic(k). Practical, everyday forms of magick ranging from cleansingto readings and yes doing spells and charm-making. My practice also includes healing, though I make it clear -I AM NOT A DOCTOR-. My healing is of remedies for minor injuries and possibly enough to help get you to a hospital. In the end my practice can honestly be broken down into three aspects:




Each aspects hold meaning in what it is to be a Folk Practitioner / Hedge Witch / Witch Doctor. I heal my community. I see what has been, what is and what shall be.I weave my magickto change the world around me.

If you ever wish to message me, please by all means. All I ask is that you keep it professional.

Thank you