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Name: sol_sean
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Favor from the mods. Im always trying to get a magick topic started or continue it and the chat isnt as active as it use to be so sometimes its a chain of a few messages from just me really talking about magick. Some may concider it spam so I would like to ask a favor of sending a /pm for me to stop before gagging me. I would appreciate it. I just want some learning and discussions to go on. Not spam You may call me sean or sol. Either is fine. I have been practicing magick and mysticism for about 13 years and have been studying it for about 15 years. I mainly practice high magick the occult including Thelemic tradition, Hermeticism, and especially Jewish Kabbalaistic magick, mysticism, and sorcery, although, I started with the basics like I believe everyone should. If anyone has questions feel free to ask but I have problems with the messaging system so /pm will get you a faster responce. I will say that I do have a very strict take on how magick should be practiced and thats just how I was mentored but I do accept there are many ways and cultures that practice different than the way I practice and in that case I would love to learn about your practice, methods, and techniques. I appologize if it comes off like im trying to say my ways right and your way is wrong; I really just want to learn by comparing aspects of different practices. If this annoys you please tell me to stop. Still I would rather learn about other practices than annoy people by comming off aggressive that my way is right and its the only way. Not true Besides, I am really here to learn not to teach. I will do a few in depth posts and questions maybe but no mentoring. Sorry. Also sorry I dont respond to role players other than to tell them this site isnt for them or go to the "newbie central" under the "home" tab.