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Name: eyelessjack1
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Hi, my name is Alexandria but you can call me jack. I'm a pretty laid back dude if you need a friend I'm open. I'm 16 and I'm in a relationship so plz don't with me. Heck, I need people to roleplay within mail!!! So please if you like roleplaying hook me up and I would love to roleplay with you. My closest friend is Nightmare5 and Sallywilliam and I treat them like family so make them mad u got me to deal with. I play Destiny on ps4 so anyone that wants to play with me send me ur ps4 name and I will friend u and if u have a mic we can talk. Tell me which one you think of me. White- I want a relationship with you Green- I'm falling for you Purple- I miss you Orange- I really like you Pink- I love you Yellow- you're amazing Blue- you're friendly Grey- we need to talk more Silver- I want to get to.know you better Red- you're awesome Black- I hate you Hot pink- have my babies Sky blue- you're pretty/handsome Dark grey- Meh Royal purple- kiss me Blueberry- cuddle with me Royal blue- hug me Blood red- I want you as my slave Ruby red- insert your own choice Or choose one of these Orange ~ your cute Pink ~ I'd kidnap you Yellow ~ I'd run you over Aqua ~ I love you Blue ~ we should totally hang out! Red ~ go die in a hole Green ~ we should get to know each other better Purple ~ your my friend Violet ~ your my best friend White ~ marry me Gold ~ your my type Silver ~ your hot Indigo ~ you sound awesome Navy ~ jerk Different one Blue=i want a second chance Yellow=you're cute Green=i want a kiss Purple=i will die for you Red=i want you to kiss me Pink=let's cuddle rainbow=i want you in my bed Orange=i owe you a kiss Black=i want a hug teal=i really like you White=i'm crushing on you Brown=i love you. Crimson=die blood red=come to the back room turquoise=i don't like you Aqua=i hate you gold=lets be friends silver=your my enemy grey=i think i'm falling in love with you Magenta=Be mine Lime=takes me on date Peach=I need a friend Periwinkle:You're all I want ;)