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Name: LaFay
Location: Menahga,Minnesota
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Hello I'm Luna LaFay wolfsong... I am clairvoyant and Clairaudience... I have had that gift since I was 14.... I've became a witch when I was 16 cuz it called out to me... I'm still learning although I have been teaching my niece for about a year..I really enjoy my journey... I would like to join a coven because I need other point of views and I have never been in one... I am 29 years old and have been interested in joining a coven for a while now...I've been always solitary but would like to get to know people that's the same as me...I have studied off and on for 14 years now...I currently wanna get a better understanding of the spirits... I've been able to hear and see every day for 15 years... I've always been drawn towards the shaman because it best describes me and want to learn other usernames are Luna lafay. Wolfsong and LaFay...and I would participate in any covens... and I believe I already said all about me... if you have any questions just message me... blessed be