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I heard a story 'bout a man, somewhat of a legend Rushing head strong into battle no matter the weapon You can ghost it or camp it but you're gonna regret it When you hear the "boom" like an angel is screaming from heaven The game has just begun; it's about to rain more Try to get revenge but you're running through the same door Laying on the same floor, dying like a Noobasaur Even if you're over there bunny hopping his claymores ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bring on the thunder, bring on the rain Put the fear in your mind; let it ride through your veins A hungry little beast and he's out the cage When you see him, better back away (Get on back) Bring on the thunder, bring on the rain Face the winds of a hurricane, it's not the same If ya not his level, better get out the way When you hear that Thunder rage ---------------------------------------------------------------------- In the lobby you see him; "LEGEND of THUNDER" Get Second Chance and Ghost kuz you'll need 'em; he's got your number You know he's rockin' puppies to fuse 'em with chopper gunner So you're already thinking of places to hide under -But you're never safe, so get to digging you your grave Feel the wrath of an AK, picking you off as it sprays When a grenade covered in clay hits your face Move, sway; try to get away but not today, huh -You can hide in a corner sending out Tonka toys Even though you know it's annoying, he will still come and destroy ya Mow you over and take control of all that you holding Scavenge, reload it, tote it; blowing holes in ya; leave you broken -There's no hope for you bro, better dashboard If you want, you can have more. You're mad 'cause you can't score Go back to your "Ground War", rocket launchers and campers galore K/D is rising but you can not hang with the big boys ---------------------------------------------------------------------- You hear that chopper, ch-chopper, coming to gun you down Hit you when you're spawning; your Stinger launcher can't save you now Run in a building but Cujo's coming to sniff you out Puppies are hungry and their favorite flavor is "stealth clown" -He's like an artist; the rifle is his paint brush Create with a saint's touch, he hunts with insane lust The "Ace" in a straight flush, he's on top of 'em all; no contender "Thunder the Ripper" never surrender; you will remember -So be a bush wookie; find a hole and crawl in it Back against the wall but you still about to fall when the Thunder and rain descends upon you to claim The very blood in your veins; kill feed is just filled with his name -It's been a minute, you haven't seen him; the coast is clear But then your body begins to shake from the sound you hear "Agh, Agh; Incoming enemy nuke!" The hand of Zeus is coming down to claim you