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Losing is not some what being taken away from you but merely something or someone, being sacrificed to gain happiness or a prospect you will truly need in future times. This loss is something we should acknowledge because every life on this universe, big or small stands with this loss. I'm younger than most, but I hold a lot of wisdom and knowledge people seek around our planet. This knowledge is what a few people have and gain, but one's life seeks this advantage of knowing the future and past just by a touch of skin. I hold it and I'm proud to hold it, but in my past fear haunted me and grabbed hold of me until I came fond for crystals "they truly bring out the good in us" My many crystals help to calm, guide, strengthen and many more amazing things. I do not stop seeking knowledge because there is no limit for knowing so if I ask questions I take in the answers. I can and sometimes will do other people's Readings but only if It's a specific thing they need to be told about themselves. -Ask open ended questions. (Example. "If I do ____, what will happen?" "What can I expect from ____?" "What are my chances with ____") -I don't answer certain questions asking for numbers or specific names (Example. " what will my lover look like?" "How long should I wait for ___?" "How many kids will I have?" -Ask questions that ask for advice on a situation rather than the outcome. (What can I do to solve ___?") -Ask your whole question and related questions at once rather than asking a simple question then after receiving the reading asking "well what about ____?" I know many and practice many things: From Palm reading(future and past seeing), guides and higher selves, astral projection, crystal healing/Guiding/light works,aura seeing and different moods and faulty aspects in one's aura (mucky,cloudy parts) or the good light colors, horoscope, meditation on all chakras- root chakra to crown chakra, knowing past lives through art, spirit talking, candle working, chi energy(mind,spirit,soul), clairvoyance-clairaudience, energy manipulating and many many more. You may message me I'm willing to reply and will reply even if It's necessary but will not reply to ignorant or violent dissing messages because my thoughts on those type of people is real lowlife. But as I always say to my fellow travelers and seekers, blessed be and may the truth pass you with kindness and the false bypass you with silence. :)