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Name: DracoVampire
Location: Netherlands (Delft)
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 23 May 2019
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Name: Alastair or Nicholas (I prefer Nick...I am a Energy Vampire. Practices: Vampiric Magic, Draconic Magic, Conjuring, Banishing, Sealing, Barrier Spells, Enchanting, Protection, Power, force, Weather, Healing, Elemental Magic, Summoning and most of all Offensive and Destructive spells. I am always prepared to help anyone and everyone however I can, so if you need help just mail me I'm also good at the making circles, sigils and runes. ? some other things about me: Normally my eyes are green but when I am casting a spell they become brighter almost orange to fiery red. I am also able to absorb and use the energy from anything I touch.