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Name: rkonno14
Birthday: Jul 12 1996
Location: Canada
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Hello! I am a mix of Wiccan and Heathen, but prefer to just call myself a simple Pagan. I do tarot and palmistry readings for my friends and family, they've taken to calling me the family High Priestess, and have a nice little collection of gemstones. I have a sweet little kitty, and I would love to make some friends whom I can talk to about spells and such, since there are only 2 known Pagans in my town and I'd like some friends.
My Booke is a bit all over the place at the moment, but if you have any spells that you think might help in my cause of healing my Glaucoma, healing my friends and family, or other such things, or if you think this spell is cool and want to share, please do!