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Hello everyone i am vivian, but just call me viv everyone does. I'm 24 and have been practicing for about i'd say 10 years give or take. I typically use white magic I never really stray much from it. I don?t specialize in any particular types of spells I tend to do small spells that can be done in public discretely. I am fairly decent at tarot cards though and I find them quite fun to read anyway. Im a bit rusty because i haven't casted much over the past couple years because of college and work i'm hoping to get back into things. I also own a fat fluffy cat she loves cuddles and hogging my bed but she isn't a familiar. Some things i like are music, art, books and cartoons. I'm open to talking to people about magic or other things just send me a message and say hello if you want. You can message me even if i'm offline as i will just read the message when i log back in.