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Name: zsuphael
Birthday: Apr 10 2003
Location: The Hell Inside My Head
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Hey, I'm Zoe. I'm a pretty shy person at times, but I'm here if you want to talk. I don't mind making friends. I'm looking for a few choice individuals I used to talk to... Anyway, I'm Emo. If you have a problem with it, don't send me hate mail. I can say I've had visions and predictions of natural or personal events that have come true. I'm able to read a person's energy to figure out how they feel and I can picture different scenarios of things that may happen depending on a various amounts of choices I may make. DO NOT message me asking if I can tell your fortune. Other things: (My favorite genre of music is Post-Hardcore Rock and Screamo) (My favorite colour is Black) (My favorite Anime is My Hero Aacademia) (My favorite song is "FEEL NOTHING" by The Plot In You) (My favorite food is Hot Wings) (My favorite band is Rings Of Saturn [They're a "progressive death-metal" band] ) Feel free to message me, if you're younger than 19 I guess... I love to rp, but I have my limitations. See ya soon!