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Name: Flameheart
Location: Mount Olympus
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 23 Apr 2019
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I'm a man of many ideas.
I've been known to go by several names, all of which I respond to. For the few who want another name to call me, It's K.W or Inkstar.
As for why I'm on this website, I happen to be a Witch of sorts, however, I am not 100% Pagan or Wiccan. I have my own string of faiths, and I know that in the end, we all choose what happens to us in Death's lands, which Other Realm we head to. My beliefs are complicated, and I know not all will wish to know them. If you do, just ask.
I have always been into spellcasting, from the time I was very young to now.
More information:
I am always LGBTQ+ friendly, as I myself am trans and pan.
I'm in lots of fandoms, i.e. Pokemon, Creepypasta, Detroit: Become Human, etc.
I'm a bit of a Grammar freak, so be prepared.
And lastly: I hate arguing and issues, but if there is something you must bring up, do so.
As always, Blessed be.