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Name: NorthernWind
Birthday: Jun 10 1996
Location: Wyoming
Gender: Male
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Hello everyone, Welcome to my page. I am Northern, it is lovely to have you here. I'm a shamanic witch, reconnecting with my practice. I've been walking the witch path for many a year. I'll list below my practice and my interests of study.

: Divination : Tarot, Oracle, Bone Reading, Omen Seeing and Scrying.

: Healing : Master Level Reiki, Shamanic Healing

: Mediumship : I was born with the gift of the medium.

: Spirit Working : Working with spirits of nature and the dead.


My interest of study as are followed :

- Runelore

- Medicinal Herbalism

- Rukkatru

- Shamanism


I'm still working on my profile so as time goes it will fill itself out more. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.