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Name: Ailbhean
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I am a very young witch in a old body. I'm seeking to find the sweet spot between Paganism and esoteric, eclectic and mystic Christianity. I found something unfulfilling.a feeling that pieces were missing from the Christian beliefs,I was taught.I knew G*D was there in some form,but things didn't add up. If G*D is the only G*D then why a commandment to have no other gods before G*D. So after trying many flavors of the faith, even going to a fundenental Bible college. The smugness that we had a lock on the truth,started to bother me. I was taught blind faith, however my Creator gifted me with a little bit of brains. It didn't match,so I looked elsewhere. Eventually I found out the roots of my faith were Pagan and included a Goddess. That what was out of balance for me. Most everything is balanced, light and dark, male and female. This clicked