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Name: Taylor_Orbs
Location: North Carolina
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Jun 2019
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My name is Taylor. I am a 21 year old Wiccan from a small town, Eden, North Carolina. I work a lot with Diana, Hera, and Ares/Mars. I hope to get to know you, and if you wish to judge me based on my astrology, please do. I'll giggle with you about it. (Call me a stereotype, but I always relate to my Pisces horoscopes.) My astrology is probably going to be the neatest thing about me- My Tropical Zodiacs *** Sun- Pisces Moon- Libra Mercury- Aquarius Venus- Aquarius Mars- Libra Jupiter- Aquarius Saturn- Aries Uranus- Aquarius Neptune- Capricorn Pluto- Saggitarius Lilith- Leo Asc. Node- Virgo My spellwork is heavily focused on Candles/Incense/Stones. I am a huge fan of working with stones and their energies. I am happy to talk about any sorts of magic with anybody. Current Research!!- My current research is on Faeries/Fae Lore and Mermaids. I'm doing something of a compare and contrast chart of the two. I am also redo-ing all of my alters, preparing for the Winter Months.