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Name: NightLight3
Birthday: Nov 9 1985
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So about me I'm 33 I Identify as a Luciferian Witch. I love animals, nature, knowledge and learning. I am especially found of the goddess Hecate, and Lucifer as a guide. I don't view the world in black or white terms. I see it for what it is a class room for a soul to rise to it's full potential. I don't pretend to don't in to a box or hide who I am. I try to see things from a non judgement view point. I only want the best for the world. I feel like it's my job to protect those whom may not be able to stand up for themselves while assessing if the can learn to or may need more. My goal is simple it's to embrace both the light and the dark and shine. I'm not opposed to working with God's and goddesses from both sides of magick or even demons as they are called.