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Name: Zacane
Birthday: May 11 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Gender: Male
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"Magic is not a tool or gift of the divines; it is being aware of the web and becoming the spider rather than the fly."

Hello, and welcome to my profile. I am Zacane Magister... sorcerer, god, beast, monster. You have surely come here for a reason; be it random curiosity or a desperate plea for assistance. I am here to help... but know that I am a falsely honest man who may take pleasure in giving you exactly what you want.

Make a wish, make a promise, make a game of life, and watch it all fall down. We all sow the seeds of our own destruction, but must do so in order to reap our creation. Fate and Will go hand-in-hand... one does not work without the other. We are all free to be slaves, and enslaved to be free. He who has power is also powerless.

I am considering taking on students, but I must warn you... my teachings and methods can be strange and cryptic. I won't hold the door open for you, but rather teach you to walk through the door on your own. Even the most mundane beings possess incredible potential; it is merely a matter of discovering and mastering it.


Lesson 1:

Forget how to forget. That is your first assignment. You must play the game to win, but that doesn't mean you can't change the rules to benefit yourself. You must accept your weakness to become stronger. You must learn to remember by forgetting how to forget. Don't worry... you'll learn to how to willfully forget later on.