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Name: Zacane
Birthday: May 11 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 16 Feb 2019
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Coven Title: Council

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I am Zacane Magister, and that is all you need to know.

Am I cursed or blessed? I suppose it depends on one's perspective. Either way, I have learned to deal with my troubles, my burdens, and my fate, but I still cannot help feeling a certain loneliness...


About Me:

I am a Zolist, I am crazy, I am cursed, I am blessed, butmost importantly... I am alone.

I am currently studying for a career in Cybersecurity/Information Technology, and am one of the top in my class. Aside from my daily, boring teenage life where I watch TV, play video games, and try to survive my senior year of high school, I am currently the sole practitioner of Zolism.

What is Zolism? It is my practice, my philosophy, by which I seek to overcome the trials of life. So, what's it about? Zolism is centered around the idea of the "Zol". The Zol is the "Whole Self", which, in the case of humans,generally includes the Body, Mind, Soul, and Connections between them, although there is an infinite variety of Zols depending on the entity in question.

Photos are public.

Favorite Video Game: TESV: Skyrim (Requiem Mod)

Favorite Song: Monster , by Imagine Dragons

Catch Phrase: "Good Enough."

My Colors: Violet, Maroon, and Gold


Guidelines for Mail:

  1. I like mail.
  2. Have a subject.
  3. Decent grammar.
  4. No "Hi, how are you?" messages.
  5. Respect = Respect
  6. I don't have to help you. So, don't ask stupid questions, ask for me to do the "impossible", orthrow a tantrum when I refuse to help you withyour ill-fated request.


My Studies:

- Zolism

- Enchanting

- Reality Manipulation (Mind over Matter)

- The Paranormal

- Humanity

- Other "Realms, Planes, Dimensions, Etc."

- Spirits, Gods, Demons, Jinn, etc. (Primary, how to "combat" such entities.)



Warning: Progressing further may result in the following symptoms: Insanity, Blindness, Mood Swings, Death, Immortality, Demonic Possession, Eternal Damnation, Paralysis, Loss of Balance, Lossof Soul, Lossof Feeling, Lossof Power, and especially a craving for humanity's destruction.

  • The Writer is not strong, and Wiz is merely her illusion, but through the Scribes one may masqueradewith impunity... until Hadterol comes knocking on your door.
  • Though death may do us part, the distance between us will never change. This life is merely one of the countless specks of joy that forms the infinite web of our delighted existencetogether.
  • Tick Tock . Down with the clock, for I killed the warlock.
  • I wish I knew, that which you do not, but we shall forever know our ignorance just as they know nothing at all.
  • A wise man once said, "I cannot be a wise man for you are none the wiser."
  • The king sits upon his blacken throne... staring at the red fog above, hopefully for a glimpse of the glory he once knew. He dreams of the golden clouds he once sat upon, and recoilsat his current seat. "Why couldn't he have mercy for me?" the cripple winged king muttered to himself. "Why must his ignorance be greater than my pride?"
  • A silver knight travels not without his emerald blade, but withoutthe ruby shield he shall surely fail against the crimson horde.