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My name is Bryan and I'm 21 years old. I have been a practitioner of magic in one form or another since i was 9 so i have about 12 years of expierience. I'm not braging, simply giving info. i follow Tiamat, Goddess of the ocean; Apsu,God of the fresh water bodies; and Goibniu, God of the forge and hearth. A little contradictory between water and fitre, but they all work together. I am also a practicing alchemist with the current goal being to obtain human to animal transformation. many people think it impossible but who is to truley say the limit of the huamn capability? After all, myth and legend starts somewhere. for those who are wondering, If you ask me to do a spell for you i may not. it is my choice if i want to or not, and if i decide that its one i cant/won't/shouldn't do, then please respect that.