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Name: SkyRose1025
Birthday: Dec 8 2004
Location: Home
Gender: Female
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Hi! My name is Sky Roselle, I am 5'7 and I am 19 years old! (Turning 20 this year)
I don't do magic anymore so I'm sorry to anyone who is coming to me to learn some of that! I love to draw, game and listen to music!
My main hobby is gaming and drawing, I have a boyfriend so if you are interested in starting a relationship with me for some odd reason that would have to be declined! If you want to be my friend don't be afraid!
I'm open to everyone and I love talking to people so don't be shy to DM me! :)
For additional information about games I play;
Genshin Impact
Honkai Star Rail
And wihib (ask for the full name in my inbox)