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Name: SkyRose1025
Birthday: Dec 8 2004
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Hewwo! Sky Rose Here! And I'd love to tell you some stuff bout me! I am a digital artist on anime...Usually use my phone to do it I love to sing but Im not very good at it.... I mostly sleep all day since my sister has school.... I have lots of online friends..... Im not working for anyone and I don't think I will decide to.. I have 2 cute puppys.... i have a huge family...... i need someone to stay with me.. Im in 8th grade in school Im 5ft 7-8 And im a princess of light forgot to mention that and I don't like being tossed around like a toy But I do take drawing requests (only anime though) Message me on any of these platforms | | V AND STOP ASKING WHICH ANIME MY PFP IS FROM I HAVE NO IDEA! My kik is: SkyRose10250 My Instagram is: winter_sweetest_heart_sky My Facebook Is: Itty Bitty Sky And Kirino Ashihara My TikTok: Skyrose10250 My theme song is: The Horror Of Our Love By Ludo