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Name: Kiara.Lee
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 18 Dec 2018
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Coven Title: Council

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~I'm Kiara-Lee~

~About My Craft~ :

I just started to get serious into the craft over five years ago, however, I was born into a Wiccan family with my mother being a natural witch. I've been practising light spells when Iwas young, but now I am looking into stronger and more defined results. Currently, the things I am practice or working on regarding the craft are:

  • Protection Spells/Casts/Charms/Potions.
  • Curse Breaking Spells.
  • Creating my own spells.
  • Happiness Spells.
  • Potions! (health and non-health reasons)
  • Sigil Work.
  • Divination (specifically with Tarot Cards).
  • Music Magic.
  • Wicca Rituals.
  • Wicca Education (Specifically where I sit with a group every Thursday and teach).
  • Growing Herbs and Plants for Potions.
  • Familiar Work.

~About Myself~ :

I grew up in aFire Witch Household. My mother, poor soul, cannot go near a plant without it withering. However, I had got the Earth gift from my father and mygrandmother whom could most defiantlyrun a plant nursery from their house. I garden constantly and playing and create music. I can play four instruments and I am able to create spells with the songs that I make. It's one of my favorite things to do and I welcome other music witches to do the same. In summary, I love plants, people, and music and I do my best to incorporate Wicca into them!

~Communicating Me~ :

I love talking to peopleso if anyone wants to say hi, I'm completely open and happy to chat. Ask me any questions about my expertise and I would love to talk about it.If you want to contact me outside of Spells of Magic, here's my twitter: @crystledbubble