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I promise to complete this later. But I can't promise to keep my promise.

* Disclaimer* : My username is purely humoristic. I am not that shallow, nor do I have the money to afford Gucci :P

I have been practicing the craft since the age of 13 (I'm obviusly a lot older now, but you don't get to ask a lady for her age). I grew up in a jewish family, which got me introduced to Kabbala and to the Occult side of it. As I grew older I became more chaotic in terms of religious beliefs and magical practices, so nowadays my work and beliefs are chiefly based on my own will and personal perception of the world and nature.

I am mainly skillful when it comes to hoodoo, divination (tarot and cartomancy), Kabbakah, Demonology,angelic magic, spell work and ritualistic practice and herbology. I am currently looking into necromancy, mediumship, spirit work and willing to discover different paths.