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Name: lovew1tch
Birthday: Feb 4 2000
Location: Canada
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Jade | 20

Spiritual person, more interested in traditional cultural practices than anything else, but I'm always looking to learn new things from everyone I meet. I do not share most of my cultural practices openly because it is a closed belief.

Tarot reader, traditional beader, and wire worker.

Not actually a love witch, that's just the name I've used online, like the movie reference.

Non-spiritual related:

Certified Mental Health & Addictions worker, in PSE for Indigenous studies and I'm hoping to practice traditional healing methods for marginalized groups.

Nehiyaw/Canto/Syrian, lesbian, and an intersex person who engages in related activism. You can ask me about this but be respectful or look it up first if you don't understand a term.

Open to sharing my discord and IG to those who want to talk more, but I'm not linking them because I tend to get creepers.