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Name: lovew1tch
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Hi my name is Stevie!

Few facts about me before we get into witchy stuff: I'm 2Spirit, Cree/Arab/Canto, bisexual, 18 years old, very into making music, sociology, creative writing, and fashion. Pictures of myself, my artwork, and whatnot are public in my photos!

I am devoted to the Goddess Ishtar/Astarte/Aphrodite/Venus, and consider my work with Her to be of Love and Justice. Part of my devotion to Her is to carry this out through my actions.

I've been practicing for about six years now have been studying and learning about herbs, plants, tarot, crystals, energy and spirit work. Although I don't claim to know everything about these things.

I've always been able to sense other peoples energy, and I've always been very sensitive to it. I have a lot of experience with talking to spirits and feeling their emotions. Feel free to message me if that's something you'd like to talk about, wether you're just curious or feel that you can relate to it, I'm a very big advocate for emotional healing and love to talk about my experiences with others.

I'm very critical of the pagan community and the prejudice within it, I consider myself to be bold in my opinions and strong in compassion. I'm a prominent activist for PoC and LGBT+ rights, as I do a lot of community work and have spoken on panels.

If you have real actual questions to ask me go ahead, I've been using this site on and off for awhile. You might have seen me here in the past as claire bear.I won't answer any kind of spam mail or anyone flirting with me though, and I don't do spells or readings for people I don't know.

(Also my handle on is steeviejeebies, I always follow back on there!)

I'm also @steviejeeb1es on ig, if you wanna follow and see all my pretty pictures wink wink, I'm also likely to follow back!

Thanks for reading!