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Name: lovew1tch
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Jade | 19

costar: @fuyubaby

IG: @l0vew1tch

I've worked with a lot of different Greek Gods, mainly Aphrodite. I also do spirit guide/ancestral work. You can ask me about it. Being an intuitive runs in my family although it's not something that we practice often.

I will not talk about the beings I currently work with out of respect, I also find that once you mention it people assume things about your practice and beliefs, it becomes less personal and more for show.

I've been practicing tarot for over 5 years along with other forms of divination, currently I am practicing/learning tea leaf reading.

I also have been working with herbs and plants my whole life and consider myself to have a good amount of knowledge on plants native to my area.

I'm Native/Arab/Canto so a lot of those cultures show in my spirituality.

Yes I know basics, no I won't teach you them. That's what this site is for.

I know when you're lying to me so don't try it. I'm just going to end up making fun of you and showing my friends.

Otherwise feel free to message me, if you can actually hold a decent conversation.