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Name: HircinesWolf
Location: Asgard
Last Seen: Sun, 16 Dec 2018
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Talk to me I hate an empty mailbox, oh and if you're gonna block me lemme know why. Plz no flirting. I'm in love with TicciAshe. I will respond in 30 seconds to 24 hours if I don't my com limit is hit and talk to me on Hircinesnord. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR. RIP Stan Lee, 1922-2018. Repost if you miss marvels greatest hero. I'm a furry, so laugh all you want, it don't hurt me. I'm really friendly and don't worry. I don't bite (too hard). If you're not sure what you are ask "Species Reading" and I'll ask you questions, answer honestly. I'm taking art requests, definitely on animals, people, and anthropomorphic things, pokemon and fantasy monsters. I adore Lillie's Vulpix, Snowy, and it is one of my favorite pokemon. I also help with love, no spells just advice. It helps me if you put a time into your texts thanks. So, I can be awkward a lot so sorry in advance.