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Name: HircinesWolf
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Talk to me I hate an empty mailbox, oh and if you're gonna block me lemme know why. Plz no flirting. I'm in love with TicciAshe. I will respond in 30 seconds to 24 hours if I don't my com limit is hit and talk to me on Hircinesnord. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR. RIP Stan Lee, 1922-2018. Repost if you miss marvels greatest hero. I'm a furry, so laugh all you want, it don't hurt me. I'm really friendly and don't worry. I don't bite (too hard). If you're not sure what you are ask "Species Reading" and I'll ask you questions, answer honestly. I'm taking art requests, definitely on animals, people, and anthropomorphic things, pokemon and fantasy monsters. I adore Lillie's Vulpix, Snowy, and it is one of my favorite pokemon. I also help with love, no spells just advice. It helps me if you put a time into your texts thanks. So, I can be awkward a lot so sorry in advance. If I sound sexist, I'm not, I just don't believe gay/lesbian couples should orphan children, and how females are the givers of life, and the men are the hunters. If I contact you first, I am sorry for the awkwardness, as said above, and please be patient, and please please please don't call me fluff, it makes me feel as if I am someone who should be disappointedin who I am, it's like makingfun of a gay because they're gay, We Are Who We Are. Another thing that annoys me is we are called fluff if believing we can use magic to change us, yet if you listen to what people say they say "you got to believe in magic for it to work". Which to reveal the hidden meaning they are telling us to stop believing in what we believe in but also believe in it, oxymoronic right? --I say yeah yeah yeah, they say no no no They say slow slow slow, I say go go go They say no way, oh, I say I'll rule the world I say I rule the world-Walk Off The Earth-- Is it sad when your parents expect you to do everything past your capabilities and are yelled at how you half arse your work... yeah well my parents do that and it's like "chill I'm passing my exams at the best I can" and that's still not enough...