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Name: CwitchVangs
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Hi all....

I only have these 3 little requests please

1) No Flirting

2) No role play .... please this is not a dating site and Im happily married with kids

3) Please put a subject in the subject line and not just "Hi" or "Hey" - Even if I wanted to I can't smell your intentions

Thank you

Feel free to laugh at my username - I do every time I see it - My Kids thought it would be funny and hey ... who doesn't need a laugh now a days.

More about me:

My Zodiac is Pisces

My Chinese Zodiac is a Dragon

Im still learning and reading up on witchcraft - Haven't quite decided on a direction yet

I am more of a spiritual and angelic being - I could see spirits till the age of 16 but then I couldn't anymore. Can still feel them sometimes but really want my gift back - if any one can help

I am also a dreamer - struggling with interpretation though

Would love develop or enhance - think I do have a little touch for it - my physic abilities :-)

White witchcraft is more safe for me but Wiccan and Pagan doesn't call to me much but I like using candle spells and love Sigils - just struggling on powering them

If you can help me with any of this please feel free to mail me

Thanks and Blessed Be