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Name: Sun_Phoenix
Location: Split Croatia
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Last Seen: Tue, 15 Jun 2021
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Hello brothers and sisters :) My name is Toni im from Croatia Ive been on this site for some time,singed im recently and looking foward to making some new friends :)Magic to me is everything,its energy,life,attraction,creation..Magic and progress is most important to me,moving foward and forever expanding with the universe. I have alwayes used magic since I was young,but didnt define was just natural ,and I knew things,how they work,the structure..than at 13 started to learn about quantum physics ,than meditation,and well..experiences led to one another and here I am!I use my natural abilities and combine with my wiccan knowlede from this life and the past ones.(Very old soul,very) Im the programer of the energy structure, lets call it that..I see,feel,hear energy,and understand the root and the structure of the energy sorce..I give the energy od life,light and peace to all,awakening and activating energy ;) A little about me for you to feel (psychic ones)
Some of the thing I do:
-Energy healing
-Energy programing (explain eye to eye)
-Channeling(angels,extraterrestrial beings,all kind of higher dimensional being,Sirius especially)
-Crystal healing
-My own spells(combined with programing energy)
-Energy reading
-weather control
-wind control(since forever)
-animal communication
-reanimation (did it 7 years ago first time guided by a strong force)
And much more ..
Btw looking for someone with experience with reanimation..