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Name: Teku
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My name is Zeth, and my name is Teku. Water is my nature, water is my spirit, water is me. Purity that can become defiled, Tainted that can be cleansed. Only time will tell, how it is written. Poetry is my favorite form of art, in fact peotry is a huge part of my life. Words have the power to loose demons, and the power to bind them. But merely speaking the words gives you no power, the words are merely a focus. The words mean nothing if you dont understand them. The power dwells, not only in the beliefs, but in our hearts. A weak hearts is easily crushed. This is the fate of those who would trifle with powers they know nothing of. My strength comes from purity, and from water. Oppose me, if you would, with fire and tainted blood, if you can. If youy understand what I have just said, then you are ready, if not, that is for you to figure out. The Definition of Magick is different for us all, For someone who is satanic it may be calling upon the powers of Lucifer and his minions, as for christians, it is calling upon the natural powers set on Earth by god. Regardless on whether or not you believe in magic, it exists. Magic exists in all forms, dark light, spiritual, physical, good and evil. It is the user that determines the power of it. For me, Purifing things has always been something I'm good at. Looking into the future, speaking to spirits and The spirit of water itself. Those are my affinities, my greatest abilities. In this art, this power, knowledge can help you or harm you. Wisdom, on the other hand will lead only to your success. "Oh how i wish, for soothing rain, all I wish is to dream again.My loving heart lost in the dark. For hope I'll give my everything"