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Name: FTM13
Birthday: Nov 1 2001
Location: The Land of Maple Syrup/Snow Mexico/Canada
Gender: Female
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Hi! I'm FTM13 (Short for Full_Trash_Mammal), but most people just call me Mel! I'm Agnostic, which means I believe there's a higher power in the universe, but I'm not sure what it is. I'm a wandering soul. From my Mother I inherited the ability to see and interact with spirits, as well as have short prophetic dreams, and I want to harness those abilities to their full potential. I'm also new to witchcraft, and am so excited and ready to learn! I've cast a few spells before, but I'm ready to commit to learning witchcraft now. My interests outside of witchcraft include video games, YouTube, knitting, and horror movies/TV shows. RULES!!! -Message box is always open, just please put a subject or else I won't open it - Don't even attempt flirting/romance. This is a site about WITCHCRAFT, not dating. - Don't message me about those turn into a werewolf/vampire/mermaid/etc. spells. Those are horrendously stupid and I won't tolerate those.