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"Those who possess the gnosis of the Fool are truly blessed for whether the world of men deals well or ill with them they can only laugh uproariously in its face"

Welcome to the world where the only rule is there are no rules.

Welcome to a world where there is no truth, no right, and no wrong.

Welcome to the world where the only desire that is wrong is the desire that is not fulfilled.

Welcome to the New Millennium.

Welcome to the Age of Chaos.

***Agonoize - New World Disorder***


Caution: "Don't hate me on false rumors Hate me base on facts" XD

"Insanity is sometimes viewed as the shadow of wisdom. The more we strive towards wisdom, the more we become aware of our private madness. In order to survive, we make a conscious pact with it and work to balance and integrate it into our consciousness."

1. Chaos is primordial essence. It is that which is the fountain of all
things. All that exists comes forth from it and to it all things shall

2.Order is an illusion. It is the attempt of the human nervous system
to make sense out of a chaotic environment. It is a temporal mirage which has no real existence.

3.Order is the enemy of freedom. Chaos is the natural state and the state in which beings are most free.

4.The purpose of life is to maximize freedom at the expense of
unfreedom, that is to say, to maximize chaos at the expense of order.

GospelOv Chaos

1.Chaos Feared through all times.The existing structure falls apart and unknown waits outside.Man's fear of chaos is based around the fear of uncontrollable changes where the result is unknown.In myths and religions the forces of darkness have represented chaos,at nyte attacking human society in an attempt to destroy it.

2.Chaos is the original state of existence.It is the darkness that existed before creation,all the impulses that in a structured form creates a thought,what is unpredictable in nature and everything beyond our reason and understanding,hidden in the mists of mystery.Magick is the art of change,therefore magick is knowledge about effects of chaos.

3.Chaos is the term of the force itself and the effect of something beyond.This beyond can never be clearly defined and never in itself be experienced.The only thing that can be experienced is the force and its effect.

4.Everything originated from chaos,but chaos has no origin.When the things in our structure finally are destroyed they enter the unstructured origin to perhaps later reincarnate through being restructured.Chaos is breathing. For every inhale the power contracts itself and all things are created,but with exhale the power is lost and existence ends. A magician must be familiar with the in and exhaling chaos if great magick is to be reached.

5.Chaos is the backward striving force in everything that exists.Existence is contraction of the force.After the contraction comes disintegration.What we call God is the first existence in the contraction.The devil is the first existence in the disintegration.The devil seeks chaos,thus it becomes his abode.

6.Chaos is the power of man.When man questions existence,a negating evolution towards chaos begun.The evolution of the thought is the disintegration of the ordinary existence."The tree of knowledge is not the tree of life" The thought is the fastest manifestation of chaos.It is born out of chaos and strives towards chaos.The perfection of the human thought is its transcending into chaos.

7.Chaos can be experienced anywhere,at anytime,in special moments when time and space cease to exist and are replaced with crack through which chaos can be seen.Chaos is the seen as a fast movement of all that exists in the middle of emptiness,as a lightening flash at night that reaches into the soul of the one who is seeing.This movement is the Dragon, Tiamat of the Sumerians,Apep of the Egyptians.Those who have experienced chaos for a moment,receives a vision of the inner being of all that exist,This the light of illumination,the fire of hell,the fire of the Dragon that burns the soul.

8.Chaos,as a force,can be used by the magician who has experienced it or who is familiar with its rhythm.Chaos can then be directed in any object and cause effect through its natural pulse and cause the changes and transformations the magician wishes.

9.Chaos manifests itself through phenomena and courses of events in a never ending stream.If a magician is not to disappear in the enormous powers of chaos he must work with and through these streams;he must learn how to manoeuvre his/her situation in a effective way where the power flow of chaos is used.

10.In the end chaos consumes everything that is not powerful enough to resist.A magician must therefore continuously increase his/her inner power,his/her personal magical power,to avoid the final annihilation.In the final meeting with the "beyond" a magician must be able to stand up in the decisive battle for his/her existence.

11.Chaos is everything's future and everything's origin.We exist in a small drop that washed ashore and is now on its way back into the black roaring ocean.

- Chaoist philosophy will again become a dominant intellectual and moral force.-

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