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(Free Help Opinions and Ideas get them while their still fresh and hot)

"Those who possess the gnosis of the Fool are truly blessed for whether the world of men deals well or ill with them they can only laugh uproariously in its face"


Welcome to the world where the only rule is there are no rules.

Welcome to a world where there is no truth, no right, and no wrong.

Welcome to the world where the only desire that is wrong is the desire that is not fulfilled.

Welcome to the New Millennium.

Welcome to the Age of Chaos.

Hello and welcome to my domain I am a chaote on the "Left Hand" side (no I don't worship Satan/Lucifer) that believes in the higher self called "daemon" and I could help you in magick in all areas if needed but please keep on topic about magick or you would bore me with tears . XD

WARNING: I am only allow to show you the way to the door it's really up to you what to do. Not here to judge and do things for you or force you what to believe your reality do what you Will.

Caution: Some may think I role play but that is fine and your prerogative but remember "Don't hate me on false rumors Hate me base on facts" XD

"Insanity is sometimes viewed as the shadow of wisdom. The more we strive towards wisdom, the more we become aware of our private madness. In order to survive, we make a conscious pact with it and work to balance and integrate it into our consciousness."

- Chaoist philosophy will again become a dominant intellectual and moral force.-