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Name: Ulysses
Birthday: Jan 27 2002
Gender: Female
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Hi There, my name is Ulysses, I'm 16 and I'm a beginner witch and fairly new to Wicca, I only started this year, but I plan to follow the right-hand path. My favorite element Is Water, and my spirit animal is a butterfly! That's why my name is Ulysses, like the butterfly Ulysses! Currently, I'm interested in Ice Magick and Transformation Magick along with how it works aside from the magickal energy. I'm excited to be here because I can't wait to learn more about magick because even though it hasn't gone back generations in my family I want to be able to blaze a legacy and when I think about it magick means being extraordinary, being in-tune with nature and understanding the energy you have and how it can affect others along with the things around you! I can't wait to get to know this site since I've only just looked around here, but I also know I'm going to meet great new people like me, quirky, smart, funny, and maybe some other bisexuals too (I AM NOT HERE TO DATE!!!)! So without further a-do; Blessed be, Ulysses.