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Name: Ulysses
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Hi There, my name is Ulysses, I'm 17 and I'm a beginner witch and fairly new to Wicca, I only started 3 years ago, but I plan to follow the right-hand path. My favorite element Is Earth, and my spirit animal is a Butterfly! I'm excited to be here because I can't wait to learn more about magick because even though it hasn't gone back generations in my family I want to be able to blaze a legacy and when I think about it magick means being extraordinary, being in-tune with nature and understanding the energy you have and how it can affect others along with the things around you! I can't wait to get to know this site since I've only just looked around here, but I also know I'm going to meet great new people like me, quirky, smart, funny, and maybe some other abrosexuals too (I AM NOT HERE TO DATE!!!)! So without further a-do; Blessed be, Ulysses.