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Name: LatexNeko
Birthday: Dec 26 1995
Location: Oslo, Norway
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Apr 2020
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I'm Latex Neko/Vanessa, a young Alternative lady with a passion for metal music, gothic/lolita/50's/steampunk fashion, fetish photography, body modifications, everything creepy/grotesque and the occult. Used to be a member here before, but deleted the profile due to personal reasons. My main interests are in crystals, herbs and potion-making. This may be an un-popular opinion, but I do not believe in any gods or goddesses. I find my source of magic within myself or in material objects. I think of magick as a form of science and I don't have much experience, but enjoy experimenting on my own. Not into flirting (I'm not available) or roleplaying and I am not here to make "real friends". It's a waste of my time, so please respect that. Perverted/inappropriate messages will get you blocked. If you know who I am and what I do (photography-related), keep it to yourself