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Name: LunaMai1982
Birthday: Jun 13 1982
Location: Manton MI
Gender: Female
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Who I am: Hello! And welcome to my profile!! I am Luna Mai (may) and I have been a Wiccan for almost 6 years! I am a Solitary practitioner. meaning, I practice my faith by myself. But I am looking to be in a coven if possible! I am in my mid 30s! I love art, music, and singing. I play guitar and piano! I love nature and love to walk within it! I love people and meeting new friends! Please don't hesitate to visit and chat with me! Love you much! ;) What I do and how I work with others: I enjoy being a Wiccan and am very protective of my faith!! I am not shy about talking about Wicca with others or their religious beliefs with them! I try very hard to not insult others and their beliefs and try very hard to be open minded. I love being Wiccan and wouldn't change my faith for anyone. I try to except others for who they are and what they believe. I am totally in acceptance of other beliefs', but please don't try to make me believe your beliefs! I am a warm and gentle person, but I am also a no bull shit person!! I tell the truth and expect everyone to do the same for me! What Wicca dose for me and how I work with it: I am happy with being a Wiccan and enjoy it very much! It makes me feel good about myself that I am helping others and the earth! Wicca gives me the chance to be myself in helping others when they truly need me!. I have done spells of good luck and one smudging "Purification of the home and person" for a really good friend that was having a problem with an evil spirit! I do not do love spells for they can easily take control of the person under the spell!! And I do NOT play with outjie boards, or spirit boards, for you never know what comes from the spirit world! (Sorry if that is spelled wrong)!I have done blessings for friends but don't take money for my services, because, money easily controls! I am very devoted to my faith and love practicing Wicca! What I will do for others: I am a very loyal person to my friends and family! If you need a shoulder to cry on, or just need to talk, I will be there for you! I am very protective of my friends and family so if you're having problems with someone I will try my very best to help or stick up for you! I love people and love making new friends! What I wont do for others: I will not steal or lie for anyone no matter what!!