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Name: ummhi
Location: my house....damn stalkers
Last Seen: Sun, 05 Apr 2009

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a little of my writtings i guess

Lost disaster hidden by lies and stories we all want to believe are true a devastation hidden behind a smile and a laugh pain hidden behind her happiness the love for him hidden behind the pissed off girl attitude no way to see the truth only a few know are there

All the pain you caused. You never seamed to care how much it hurt. Never saw the fake smile and the pain in her eyes. It was all I lie just like everything else. Nothing is ever new it has happened so many times before. No one has ever cared. No one ever looked close enough to see the real me. Hidden deep inside. Hidden from you, them, and the world. Now its out for everyone to see. For my last days on this earth. Can you bare the truth? Will you just fall into a hole like I have so many years ago? I want to see the fake smile on your face the pain hidden behind your eyes, just like it was for me caused by you. Would you care if I were to just disappear right now before your eyes? Would you miss me? Would you wonder where I was? I bet you wouldn?t even care enough to search for me. If you wont do that for me then I wont ever do it for you. I will not waist my time on someone that wont waist theirs on me. If I?m not worth the pain then your not worth the pain. I?m over it all the shit you put me threw. The pain I felt because of you. The tears I cried because you put them there. Listened to everything you said when you didn?t listen to a word I said. I?m done wasting my time on someone that?s not worth it.

as each day goes by i want to give up more and more but i hang on to my rope i am slowly sliping more and more im almost to the end of my rope almost into the darkness

can anyone out there save me? i am losying my grip theres no turnign back once i reach the end if i let go will it end the suffering? or will it just cause more? can i risk losing it all or is it just going to ruin me if i fall will they care? i just want whats best for the others even if it means falling into the darkness im sliping more and more now can anyone hear my plea for help? my voice slowly fades into the darkness im getting so close to the end theres no turnign back i dont think i want to turn back if i fall into the darkness i can get away from it all i wont have to deal with all this pain i am slowly letting go my grips getting looser and looser i am falling faster and faster no one can save me now im to far gone i plea less and less i no longer have to no one is around to same me from the end

just another lost hope no reason to care just another dream i just wander these streets confused no way to find my way home its like im on a whole nother world no one can save me now i am a lost hope just to disapper no one will ever know no one will miss me no point in staying its all a lie its just a dream a dream that could kill the world no words could explain it no way around it this thing caled life it kills us all everyone says it was a natrul death nothing is its all just suicide or murder they try to hide it but you cant we all see threw it sooner or later that is when we die now that i have saw the truth it is my time to go


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