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Name: Lunarlight3
Birthday: Aug 6 1995
Location: Northern Ierland
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Oct 2018
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Hi Everyone, Lunarsparks here had to create a new profile so if ya know me drop me a message. I am a celtic, solitare witch been practising the craft for nearly 8 years now and loving it. The craft has become a part of me, always has been i guise... i am also gay (go LGBT). I have a natural born gift of sight (powerful scryer) i can bend the element of air and posses the power of psycic shield. I practis rune and celestial magick, along with study of herbs. Im here too meet knew people and hopefully develop my magick more. White- I want a relationship with you Green- I'm falling for you Purple- I miss you Orange- I really like you Pink- I love you Yellow- you're amazing Blue- you're friendly Grey- we need to talk more Silver- I want to get to know you better Red- you're awesome Black- I hate you Hot pink- have my babies Sky blue- you're pretty/handsome Dark grey- Meh Royal purple- kiss me Blueberry- cuddle with me Royal blue- hug me Blood red- I want you as my slave Ruby red- insert your own choic