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Name: Sufian
Birthday: Mar 29 2001
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Proud member of The Immortal's Keep

Good day, readers.

Call me Sufian. I classify myself as a dogmatic spiritualist. I have one specific path which I follow since my birth andit becamethe life I lead now.

My life went through various degrees of grief and remorse, but in the end I found the joy in sorrow, and instead of chasing the infinity, I went to the opposite to find the light beyond. Thereafter comes the pleasure of living.

Besides my religion, my hobbies include writing and reading. I am to learn painting sooner or later.

While I wouldn't want to reveal my path (just because it is remote and many may not comprehend), I would love to know more about your paths. I will respect yours as long as you respect mine.

My practices include the following:

  • Religious practices
  • Preaching
  • Divine communication
  • Divine Acclamation
  • Spiritual Sublimity
  • Herbs & Incense making

Small note: The posts that I published here are directed only to those who work with divine beings. I hope they act as a ground of motivation that lights your spiritual path ahead.

Peace out.

Work with the wolf until you blind the concept of a sheep