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Name: Tensarage
Birthday: Feb 1 1978
Location: Louisiana
Gender: Male
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Well I am a practicing Druid and have done so for the last 30 year's. I've been all over the world, seen many beautiful wonder's and met amazing people where I was blessed to experience their cultures and different beliefs. I am always willing to share knowledge to those that seek it.

Your interests in magic.
my interest in magick has been profoundly high since I was younger and have been spending most of my time storing them in my head and have only just recently been placing them in their proper place my grimoire. I do not look fondly on the practice of black magick for the fact I feel it does not follow the rules of balance and can only lead to chaos. I feel that there should always be balance to what ever spell you may wish to cast and that you should be willing to pay the cost of equivalent Exchange.

Explain some of your knowledge.
I have studied Herbology and the use of essential oils for quite a few years in California.
Learned about meditation and astral walking while I visited Japan for a short time.
I have been a practitioner of candle magick for many years.
I have recently the last few years been studying Norse paganism and it's profound use of Runes.

Your current studies.
Norse paganism
dream walking

Meaningful quotes.
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge. - Bertrand Russell
Be not too wise, be not too foolish,
be not too conceited, be not too diffident,
be not too haughty, be not too humble,
be not too talkative, be not too silent,
be not too harsh, be not too feeble.
If you be too wise, one will expect (too much) of you;
If you be too foolish, you will be deceived;
If you be too conceited, you will be thought vexatious;
If you be too humble, you will be without honor;
If you be too talkative, you will not be heeded;
If you be too silent, you will not be regarded;
If you be too harsh, you will be broken;
If you be too feeble, you will be crushed.

A little bit of a background story
how I Started my path was an eye opening one
when I was 5 I was playing in my Grand Mother's back yard with my little red and white plane. Not having a care in the world, I had tied a string to my plane and was pulling it along as I was running. Not paying attention to where I was going. Well my grandmother was burning some garbage and old stuff in the burn pile. I tripped over some root's from the nearby oak tree and fell tumbling into the fire. My Grand Mother pulled me from the fire maybe a minutes or so into my experience but to me it was as if time itself slowed down to what felt like hours. She rushed me inside and threw me into a cold bath, and immediately called the fire department. Where I was rushed to the closest hospital they could take me which was 45 minutes away. after 20 minutes on route to the hospital I was listed as D.O.A but the Paramedic who was with me in the back refused to give up and stop trying to revive me. my heart started working again 45 minutes later at the hospital and it took me from what I was told 3 day's passed before I showed any signs of consciousness. I spent over a year in children hospital in New Orleans getting peroxide baths and skin graft's but from that moment on my grand Mother called me her little phoenix and that she believed my essence had been imbued with the element of fire. From that point on I have had this feeling that I can understand and feel the element's not just physically feel them but metaphysically as well I feel the energy one example of this was when I was walking a local nature path one day when I was about 11 years old. I loved the feeling of energy I was getting from the surrounding tree's and life. I sat down and just listened to all that the forest had to say. I sat there feeling the energy flow from one tree to the next as if they were speaking. I could feel the hum that came from the earth and I could feel the air moving the energy So I have followed my path as a druid ever since.