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Name: Akhkharu187
Location: dwelling in outer chaos
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"Treading upon corpses of those who choose slavery and ignorance over Knowledge and Power."

"Knowledge is useless unless you can personally apply it and gain results"

We are all students and teachers for each other. No one has all the answers or able to show them to you unless you have already discovered them for yourself.

Doesn't matter if you believe or disbelieve about my spiritual path "I believe in what I want, and I want what I believe in" simple as that. I am light and dark, male and female, primal and civilized, saint and sinner all at the same time please show proper respect and you shall receive in return. I don't practice egotism but I do practice the art of True Vampyrism not kids wearing capes or role players taking a game too seriously. I am Blessed, and will not settle for simply surviving. I am not cursed nor have energy deficiencies or damaged leaky chakras. My subtle bodies work on high spiritual vibrations and require a higher amount of life force than most other beings. The reason why I employ the Art of Vampyrism, Primal Spiritualism, and spiritual evolution.

Magick is the will to create change in the environment by manipulating the flow
of energy. There is no white or black magick. Magick is magick, and can be used to hurt or heal.

The Vampire Sorcery Bible The Laws ov Magick


Personal Magnetism Development for Psychic Vampires