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Name: Falsinst
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You can call me whatever you want. There's no limit with names.

I've practised Witchcraft for over 5 years now. I mainly cast  black magick  spells; however, I also practise some white magick spellcasting as well. 

do not  and  will not cast spells for anyone nor will I do Tarot readings etc.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you just simply want to talk. I'll be happy to lend an ear. Also, if you see I am online but I don't reply, I'll probably be on another window or I'm asleep ^^.


Even though I'm not really fussy about how you write etc. I would prefer it if you used punctual language. I do not tolerate slang.

If you feel uncomfortable or don't know what to say when starting a conversation with me, here are some things that I like/do:



Books/Reading (Horror, blood and gore)

Horror movies



I also do Calligraphy

I play both the piano and the harp. I'm planning on starting the violin soon as well... Music helps motivate me through life.