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Hey guys,

You may call me Lilac. The reason i chose this name is due to the fact of it's special connection to the forest god Pan. I am mostly affiliated with anything to do with natural surroundings. I am someone who is quite passionate about my work. Given birth during the winter equinox and having the Capricorn as my zodiac. Nevertheless, i am someone in my own ways and somewhat reliable. I like helping others. I would always like learning new things from others, especially if it has something related to natural items. Currently under the teachings of Chloris and Horae. That's it about myself.

Type of magick i'm particularly learning:~

- Air/Wind



-Astral Projection

-Basic summoning technique

(Everyone wears a mask to hide from the world right?)


- Don't mail me without any subject, i will only answer if i feel like it or your a friend of mine. Even a title with 'Hello' Is Fine for me

-I'm alright with any conversation but don't be flirtatious much. A little bit is okay

-Be nice, i don't want any arguments between me and you. I'm normally cheerful and kind

-Don't force me to do spells, i only know the basics. I can give you a little bit of advice though

Other than that, feel free to ask me anything else!

Just for fun:

(This is one of my dreams that i can't understand. I'll just put it up for fun. You can try to interpret it if you like!)


This dream has been bothering me lately and it has happened for about three times and stopped quite abruptly.

The dream always occurs in my parents room. The first time it happened was that the whole house had a blackout and the only room that had a blue dim light was my parents room. I went to investigate and opened the door. To my surprise, it was a gorilla, which was awfully strange. I was afraid looking at it and ran away from the door and it stopped right there. That was at the age of six.

The second time it happened was much like the first, only the 'creature' in my parents room was different. As said during the first dream appearance, the house blackout and I entered my parents room. This time I hesitated when I opened the door. I saw a huge spider, twice the size of myself. As I did before, I ran away and it stopped abruptly. That was at the age of ten.

The third and probably the final time it happened was recently. This time it was quite different. As it is, the house blacked out again but I was carrying something in my arms. I remembered myself shouting aloud in annoyance. "Alright, i'm gonna face you head on!" That's what I said if I recalled properly. I rushed in my parents room and opened the door casually. To my surprise, the room was normal yet the television was still on. The television in my parents room in that dream was the olden box type. I placed the item I was holding in my arms and placed it on the bed, covering it with the blanket. I was mad and called it out. I then heard a voice, a male to be exact. It didn't sound much older than my current age. It said that it meant no harm and had only wanted to play with me. I saw a controller and my favourite game appeared on the screen. I wasn't sure if I should accept but I played anyway. My avatar couldn't do anything, not even move getting a result that I lost. I was frustrated and told him that he was a cheater. Calming me down, he told me to replay another game. And as a result, he cheated again.

I gave up and exited the room that instance, this time the night had turned into day. I remembered walking into the shower to take a bath. As I was done, I went out the bathroom, my whole family members, they were in the dining room preparing for lunch when the house phone had rung. I told them i'd answer and made my way to the phone. Numbers went by and breezed the entire phone. I didn't know who called until I answered. The number displayed on it was "7799". That was the only number. When I answered, the exact male voice had called. I was mad and asked for his whereabouts as I entered my room, the house phone still in my hands. He said that he was in my room and rushed him out, I was shocked that I felt someone's back as I tried to closed the door with mine. That concluded that I could only hear and feel him but not see him. He said a few words and messed around with my family members by crashing a few plates in the kitchen. I got mad at him on the phone.

I'm going to stop this here cause its way too long....

Question of the month: What Are Lucid Dreams To Be Exact?

Root:under-active (-56%)

Sacral:open (50%)

Navel:open (62%)

Heart:open (50%)

Throat:open (62%)

Third Eye:over-active (69%)

Crown:open (31%)

!Note:If i do not reply to any messages, it means i'm at my limit!