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Element: Fire Sun Sign: Leo Moon Sign: Pisces Primary totem: Bear Magick I work with or plan to work with: Tarot Candle Magick Incense reading totem animals and spirit guides Dragon Magick Auras Crystals and Gems Herbs and teas energy working About Me: I come from a small town, and I was familiarized with New Age Spirituality when I was younger through my dad, and his friend who is a psychic. I've worked with totem animals for almost a year, but I've primarily worked with Bear. I have an unhealthy sweet tea addiction, my friends describe me as a modern day hippie, and I'm an artist as well as trying to learn music. I enjoy movies, my favorite being Pulp Fiction, and I also enjoy skateboarding and video games. Most people describe me as being chill, but I really don't see how anyone gets that impression. A close friend told me it's because I don't get mad 50% of the time when I should? I'm more of an ambivert, I switch back and forth between needing to be around people to just wanting to be alone. I can be energetic at times, but I tend to wear myself out when that happens. I enjoy philosophy, so I'm happy to discuss it with anyone. I also have a really surreal and odd sense of humor, so good luck ;)