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Name: TiboVA
Birthday: Jul 6 2001
Location: Belgium
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Heya, I'm a 17 year old guy just learning magic, I want to practice it because I think it would be handy to use in every day life. I started practicing not to long ago and I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm interested in Black Magic(k). It seems really fun and challenging. Bit of backstory on me: I've been bullied for the longest time and I'm kind of sick of it.(I don't really get bullied anymore but people still say bad stuff behind my backs) It's been so long that I seriously do not care anymore.(I have been trough my depressed ans suicidal period) I got some mental scars from that. I got serious anger issues. I get angry over the littlest things so I'm sorry if I get really pissed at you, I have no control over it. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters so I think I have enough family to get me trough life :D.(and I'm the oldest, it's a littoral hell sometimes) That's basically my life.(this stuff is not to get attention just a life backstory) Hobby's: I certainly love gaming. It's one of my favorite things to do with my friends.(both online friends as real life friends) I have been doing martial arts (Jiu-Jitsu) since September 2010 and I still love doing it. (and I get out of my desk chair for once in my life) And now magic is a part of my hobby's cause It seems really cool and fun. Religion and beliefs: My religion is Laveyan Satanism.(I'm sorry Christians I hate you... Just kidding I just hate the stuff that you believe in) I believe in magic and everything that is paranormal.(I'm not to sure about gods but I fully believe in everything else) So yea that's basically me. I'm really not an interesting guy but I look forward to practicing magic with you all. (Also I'm gothic)