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Name: Krying
Location: In the middle of nowhere
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 09 Jun 2022

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Hello, I am Alli. I grew up from a Christian Baptist home but had shifted away from those beliefs, I would not consider myself to officially be part of a religion, I still respect all religions and backgrounds.

I am from the US and will be actively serving in the military this June, thank you all for the good luck and wishes, I appreciate any and all of it.

My practices include but are not limited to-
Astral Projection
Herb and candle work

Any post I make for advice or ask for questions- I am NOT looking for someone to cast anything for me, I am perfectly capable of doing it on my own, but I appreciate anyone reaching out genuinely asking for help, I however ask that you do not.

Any questions I am willing to answer. - even the fluffy questions which I will answer here as well!
No, you cannot become a mermaid, vampire, animal, werewolf, fairy etc. No, you cannot grow wingsand fly away, teleport, read minds, etc.