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Name: Franklynn
Location: Depths of Hell (Edgy, I know)
Gender: Female
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Wanted some help with some things I probably don't know since I'm relatively new to this whole biz and have no one alive in the family who can guide me.///////// So, I've kind of been doing my own thing up until now, kind of nitpicking at different things, like Wicca, and mixing it in with my oen beliefs. But, I can only get so far with internet articles and videos, and finally decided to dig deeper. Im very open to anyone willing to share their information/experiences with me, but don't even t h i n k about trying to manipulate me into inappropriate things, because I will block you faster than you can say say "Father's Ravioli".///////// Things I kinda would like help with are dreams, specifically the meaning behind them. I've always been overactive in the dream department, I just need to know what the hell some of them mean. Other things I would like to learn more about are astral projection and anything and everything you know about Wicca/The Supernatural. I'm a sucker for knowledge :)//// Now that the real business is out of the way, I'm open to being friends so long as isn't inappropriate. Some of my interests are: Books, specifically fiction on the fantasytthorror/thriller/Mystery/Fantasy/Romance levels. I quite enjoy anime and manga. Anything Horror related. Video Games. DC animations are the best. Sculpting, Drawing, Painting. My music tastes include alternative, rock, Kpop, lofi, Classical, I really like british bands for some reason (I.e Arctic Monkeys, Gorrilaz), and also weird sh*t like BlondeRedhead///// I love holding long conversations about random shit, from political views, to beliefs, to aliens, to conspiracy theories- all that sh*t /////"If it hurts none, do as you will" or as I prefer to say: If it doesn't hurt anyone, do whatever the f*ck you want