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Name: LuciferJr
Birthday: May 10 1990
Location: Gruntilda's Lair Next To Cheato
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 18 Oct 2018
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How yall doing? I'm nice to most people unless provoked then you have your own self to blame when I no longer talk to you. Don't come to me acting all high and mighty or asking to give you any money or to perhaps save you from some random doom you suddenly gotten into. It's not my problem I can't perform miracles, if I could I'd already cure every child that is sickly and I'd purify the world. My magick is working with the use of Sigils. Also if you catch an attitude with me you'll be catching mine back! Respect and yee shall be respected, but disrespect and yee shall be disrespected! If I haven't spoken to you in a while and we are friends, then I apologize for that. I'm either busy or I'm resting because of all the issues I have to deal with and I won't go into great detail because it's nobody else's problems but my own and I shall take care of my own ordeals. Also don't ask me to copy and paste other profilers messages because I don't like chain mail messaging nonsense it gives me a headache and I have no time to be put in the middle of someone else's issues. Unless I really like you then I'll stand up for you. But that doesn't mean I'll do everything for you either. I've been around for many years and honestly hate alot of things because people here tend to lie alot and I do mean alot and people you end up helping are very ungrateful and then later rumors get spread that you never helped them and so on and I don't have time for all that stress when I know what I did and I don't have to justify myself to no one! I always try to see the good in others and help if I can but if I'm going to be treated as if I'm the bad guy then don't even bother me. Because just as nice as I can be, I can be just as hateful and you won't like me when I'm angry. Lastly, I am taken so don't even bother trying to flirt. This is a place to learn. This is not Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Facebook, Hangouts, Twitter or what ever else they got out there now days. Further more don't pretend to be some magical being that needs help with their "magical" land either because it could burn to the ground for all I care and I won't shed not one tear, instead I'll be grinning ear to ear with utter delight. Because it is baloney! Magical beings do in fact exist but they won't be using the darn Internet to speak with people so scammers get a life and try harder to come up with a better background story because those weak attempts won't even phase my cold black heart. There is only void if you are hoping for some remorse buy a kitten but then again if your a scammer then that means you're pretty much wasting your life away trying to get money off of innocent people instead of doing an honest day's work for your own money so you won't even be able to afford a kitten. So perhaps find a mirror in the dumps so you can look at your despicable face each day until you finally decide to make an honest effort to do something for yourself instead of scamming and mooching off of others!