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Name: marrionette
Birthday: Jan 26 2001
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Hi everyone my name is Marrionette or some may know me as nightmare it just depends. I am very good with magic i have been practicing with it for 11yrs and i am experienced. If anyone needs a spell i specialize in giving love spells and i may do some spells for someone if they want i also do some candle magic. If anyone wants relationship advice just mail me i have handled plenty of breakups and i have plenty oof time for it. Sometimes though i may be busy and not answer but if its a ASAP problem i will get back to u as soon as i can. i do some technical spells that involve many things so if u want something such as that i can do or i can tell u what to use. i am a friendly girl who is fun and loveable. my 5 main specialty magics: candle, love spells, astral projection, paranormal spells, curses I mainly use light magic but if needed i can use some dark magic as well. If anyone has anymore questions about me please mail me or if they want a spell done just mail me. relationship status:taken and in love