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Name: crunny
Birthday: Jan 5 2000
Location: NY-USA
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I have been attempting to learn magick for over 10 years. Despite the length of time, I have not been able to get the hang of it. I have been able to perform simple feats like changing people's mental states and other minor things. I am looking for anyone that can give me help. I have trouble with visualization, but at least I can meditate. I mostly have experience with energy work/manipulation. Other stuff about me: - I'm left handed - I play the trumpet - I prefer music without lyrics. - I love studying people and I can manipulate/read people with ease. - I can speak intermediate levels of spanish. - I am a super nerd. I code in many languages, build robots, and read many books. My view on magick: I believe it works from the inside out. So I think that by controlling one's self they can control what is around them.