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Hello my name is David I like to share a bit about my self I grow up in the West coast area and have always seen shadows move and shadow hands and faces when I was smaller sometimes I can still see them but not as much as I use too I can feel more energy and spirits I'm also feel more Electricity than everyone I know and I get zap if the power is too high not sure why. Now why My Interests magic has always been there but was fear of looking into it was always told that there no good magic like white magic that All magic is black magic hover this not the case as I began to better under stand myself I know that there was more too it then what I was told that I would be going to hell if I tried magic so as of now that is not so I have found my true self and able to do where there fear now there none. My practice just started but I know this what I was meant to do I a strong Connection with the wind and always call upon it is my friend in this life and the next it been with me since I was a kid playing out side when I was always playing with the wind I use symbol and chanting /Visualiza /Will power I have used whether spell Fortune spells mind spells and I do the psi ball as well in my Training and binding spells and curse spells for those who want to harm me our other and is not willing to stop I know all this worked for me I have a lot more to learn. Thank you for time and wonder full day let the elements guide you and protect.