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Name: Piscean2004
Birthday: Feb 22 2004
Location: Yuma az
Gender: Male
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Hello my name is alex i live in yuma az and im 14 i wish to escape the destruction of humanity and heal the world all i wish is to be accepted for who i truly am and that is a creature of mother nature im bi and i prefer guys but im single i like to swim and work with animals of all kind i really like reading but i perfer exploring the outside world more but sadly i cant because of humanity also i love to draw and i want to become a half mer i like to be called alex but my zodiac sign is another name for me i like listening to music and dancing im the odd one out in my family and i feel like i dont belong so i try to escape the world of people and into mother natures heart i would give my life for a animal in need but only those close to me are given true compasion.