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Name: ShadowGirl94
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first user -- I have been practicing Wicca for a good two years now. This is going to be a shared account. I don't teach others seeing as how I am still learning it myself. If you look at my photos I have some spells that I found if you find any desire to look. If your mailing me don't do just 'Hi' I don't like it and it gets annoying if all I see is 'hi' all the way down the mail. I like reading. Ask and I will tell you what is my favorite. I am finding my way through this crazy life. I am 17 and single but that doesn't mean flirt with me. I am still in school so if I don't answer right away I'm in class or sleeping. I am vampiregabby but I lost that account. I have been keeping Wicca out of my family, they are not Wiccan and I am. I am a vampire know it all. I love to learn new things. What I would like to learn - Scrying - Elemental - Astral Projection -Candle magic What I know - Small amount of divination (I was focused on it) Something interesting to know about me is that I will never admit I don't know something. If I don't know something I will look it up. I also carry salt with me anywhere and everywhere. I am looking for a seer to help me. second user -- Hello I'm this account's second user and i practice energy manipulation (i can give, take and control energy at close and long range, also i can steal or give energy to a person that's in another country if i know the person) I'm still learning and I'm no good at teaching so.. please don't ask me to teach you I'd like to learn every type of magic.. specially necromancy and healing magic (my two favorites) my specialties are healing with energy (soothing pain), calling the spirits of those that i know who have passed away and causing bad luck with energy (negative energy) I'm a nice person but i can also have a nasty temper when angry and also my personality changes at night time that is all I can say about myself so have a good day.